Pest Control Partners Q-and-A – Head Lice House Calls
Head Lice House Calls

Q & A

Here are Answers to Commonly Asked Questions...

  • QUESTION: Do your products kill the "Super Lice" everyone's talking about?
    • ANSWER: Yes. In fact, recommends the products we use as the best treatment for regular lice and "Super Lice." You can read more about it here...
  • QUESTION: Are there really people who will pay high fees for Head Lice Removal Services?
    • ANSWER: Yes. While we cannot guarantee what will happen in your town, we have seen a huge increase in demand for Head Lice Removal Services. People are busy. Husbands AND Wives are both working jobs and the kids are all in school. They don't have TIME to keep dealing with head lice. After spending 2 or more weeks trying to solve the problem themselves, they are ready to hire a professional. That's where you come in and are able to collect nice fees from relieved parents.
  • QUESTION: Do your products really work?
    • ANSWER: Yes. They really do. Our products are manufactured by Access Nutraceuticals (our parent company). They have had the #1 Natural Head Lice Treatment since 2006. 
    • QUESTION: Why do you use "natural" products?
      • ANSWER: There are not very many toxic poisons you can put on human beings, legally. Over the past many decades, people have been using permethrin-based products to treat lice. Permethrin does NOT kill the eggs. So when the lice hatch, they grow up in a permethrin environment. Over the years, the bugs have become resistant. That's why we now have so-called "Super Lice." They aren't super. They're just resistant to permethrin. Our "natural" products actually work to kill the bugs AND the eggs. Lice will never be able to become resistant to our products.
    • QUESTION: How will I get the word out to get customers?
      • ANSWER: The reason we are requiring an application and interview before we choose a Partner in your area is to make sure we are working with people who are pro-active in building their business. Translation? They advertise and spread the word themselves.
      • THAT SAID...we will HELP you spread the word with an amazing FAST-START to getting clients. We have an arrangement with They will mail Letters of Recommendation to Doctors, Schools and Daycare Centers in your area telling them that YOUR BUSINESS has been trained and uses the best products for head lice removal. They will recommend your business to every one of those important people. (This is a HUGE deal!)
    • QUESTION: How will I find and train employees to do the head lice removal service?
      • ANSWER: As part of our free training for you, we will help you with tips on how to find the right people for the job. We'll also give you free access to our training videos on how to do the head lice removal service that you can use to train your employees. 
    • QUESTION: Is there a Franchise Fee or Licensing Fee I will have to pay if I'm chosen as a Partner?
      • ANSWER: No! We are not offering a franchise and we are not in business to charge fees. There are no fees to get started. The only investments you will need to make will be for the inventory and tools you will need. And we are authorized by Access Nutraceuticals to give you the BEST WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS they give. You will be getting their products at the lowest prices possible.

    If you have any other questions that are not answered here, PLEASE email them to me at