Pest Control Partner Wanted in Fresno – Head Lice House Calls
Head Lice House Calls

Fresno Pest Control Company 
Partner Wanted!

Bill Your Clients Between $75 - $150/hr!

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Most people get freaked out by head lice. But they are just tiny insects. They don't fly or jump. And with the right products and tools, they are actually easy to kill and get rid of.

But since people get squeamish about them, and since they will PAY TOP DOLLAR to get help removing them, YOU have a great opportunity to make a lot of money doing something that people are afraid to do themselves.​

This is the PERFECT ADD-ON SERVICE for a Pest Control Company that wants to increase their income by thousands of dollars every month.​

I'm looking for ONE Pest Control Company in Fresno to work with EXCLUSIVELY.

I'm sending this page to EVERY Pest Control Company in Fresno I can find. So if you're interested, you need to get in touch with me soon. Fill out the form at the top. AND MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO. This is MONEY! ;-)

If you and I decide to work together, you will get:

  • Access to our Training Videos for You and Your Employees. (You'll learn exactly how to set up and run your lucrative lice removal service - including how to hire the right people to do the service for you.)
  • Unlimited help and support on the phone from someone with years of head lice removal experience.
  • Deep Partners-Only discounts on the best Head Lice Treatment products on the market.
  • An Exclusive Territory! (Gives you a HUGE advantage!) 


Mothers Against Head Lice will SEND A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION  and a FLYER by US Mail to Schools, Daycare and Pediatricians in Fresno! Doctors, Principals and Child Care Providers will be told that Your Business is Our Exclusive Partner and the ONLY Service in the Area Recommended by!

A letter like this will be sent to Doctors, Schools & Day Care Centers in Fresno!

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The Letter Will Also Contain a Flyer They Can Show to Parents Affected by Head Lice

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We only want top-quality companies with an excellent standard for Customer Service that understand how to aggressively build and run their business in a professional way.

If this sounds like you, please enter your best email in the form above and I will send you more information.​

These are the Fresno Pest Control Companies I will be contacting to find one partner to work with in Fresno...

San Joaquin Pest Control
Clark Pest Control
Bettencourt Pest Control Inc
Howard's Pest Control
Better Pest Control
Paramount Pest Control Inc
CSI Exterminators, Inc
Dustin Pest Control
Western Exterminator
Cal State Termite & Pest Control

Fresno Pest Control
Liberty Pest Control
Sanders Pest Control
Dewey Pest Control
Val Chem Pest Control
Golden Valley Pest Control
Spider Guy Pest Control
Paramount Pest Services
C Tech Exterminators
Weymouth Pest Control and Tree Care

Valley Wide Pest Control
Castech Pest Services
Competitor Termite Control
Yosemite Pest Control
Tanner Fumigation Specialists
Golden West Termite & Pest
Official Pest Prevention Fresno
Wolfx Pest Management
Eagleshield Pest Control, INC

Mister Sprayman Pest Control
Creepy Crawlies Exterminator
Crazy Ant Pest Control Inc
Erwin Pest Control
A1 Bee Removal Services
Town & Country Pest Control
Golden Valley Pest Control
Seven Day Pest Control
Acute Pest Control